CraftSanity Episode 30
Knitting Author Melanie Falick Tells Her Story
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Since her debut book “Knitting in America” captivated a new generation of knitters in the mid-'90s, legions of yarn loving fans have grown to recognize Melanie Falick’s name on the front of a book as a symbol of quality. Like so many others, I’ve collected and enjoyed her books over the years. Therefore, I'm especially pleased to feature a conversation with her on this week’s show.

Melanie didn’t disappoint this long-time fan and she’ll likely engage you, too. We talked about how she got her start as a writer, knitter and editor and how this crafty combination of skills led her to her current gig as the editorial director for Stewart, Tabori & Chang (STC) Craft Melanie Falick books.

The former editor of Interweave Knits, Melanie, 43, lives with her husband and son in Beacon, New York. Tune in for an insider's view of the publishing world and hear some valuable advice about becoming the next best-selling crafty author. Should you get an agent, or fly solo through book contract negotiations? Check out the podcast for some great advice.

Two clarifications from Melanie
* During the interview Melanie said she wrote an article for Interweave Knits on knitting in the Orenburg region of Russia. She remembered later that she wrote that story for Piecework, another Interweave magazine.
* In the beginning, Melanie talked about STC's kids craft series. She mentioned "Kids Weaving" and "Kids Crochet," but she wants you to know there's a third book "Kids Embroidery", which she does mention at the end of our chat.

* Photo of Melanie Falick courtesy of STC Craft.

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